The Introduction.

A   fangirl. 

Well, hello there ! Welcome to ExoticsCassie profile !
         Let's get it started shall we? Firstly, I want to say that English is not my first language so, forgive me if there's any grammatical error. Reason ? Just because. Since I'm not going to state my real name here, I'll go with the name 'Byeol Kim'. Byeol  is fine. I'm from Malaysia -and that's explain on why english is not my first language. Bahasa Melayu is my first language while English is second. I'm still improving my English grammar skills so you guys can kindly give me some useful advices. I'm thirteen [2012] and still growing. I'm a fangirl of Hallyu Wave or should I call KPOP-ers? 

I know KPOP since I'm ten years old. At first, I'm still clueless about it, but, as time passed, I'm slowly loosing up and began watching and hearing KPOP mv and songs. For me, KPOP is very unique. It's pretty fun to watch their mv. Since some of the videos are really cheerful and colorful. Even though the songs are in Korean but, if you watch the mv, you will definitely understand what's the meaning behind the lyrics. 
The   MVe  xplain   everything.

The first korean group I've been introduced to is SS501. The first korean song I've heard of is SS501 Love Ya. The first korean mv I've watched is SNSD- Oh! I kept repeating the mv and kept watching it. I really love the colorful set of the mv and the girls are really pretty. So yeah. At that time, I've pretty much fell in love with KPOP. However, even if SNSD and SS501 are the one who make me love KPOP, I'm not a hardcore fan of them. I still like them but not as much as I love TVXQ and EXO. Actually, I'm not a fan of TVXQ at all. I don't even know them. I'm in love with EXO first, and then them. I can't remember on how I fell in love with TVXQ but I do remember that it's all because of my sister- who is a fan of them. I'm a Cassie but at the same time I'm an Exotics.  TVXQ are still the number one for me.

p/s: This is not the end of it. I'm going to finish it up later. I'm too lazy ==''